I started working on Feria d’Arles while on a business trip in November 2017. I was in the process of moving from the UK to Hong Kong and was on a month long visit to New Jersey. Stuck in a hotel for a month, I started working on it in the evenings.

In April 2018, I started getting involved with the English speaking game dev scene in Hong Kong – Game Dev Happy Hour. Through that, I got into the Hong Kong Games Expo.

The Hong Kong Games Expo hosted 30 developers based in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Games Expo was a part of ACG – Anime, Comics, Games – a convention which was originally an Anime event but has developed a growing Games focus.

This was my first time demoing a game at an event of this size, from preparing my booth to demoing the game for five straight days.

Demonstrating the game – giving a lot of adventure game hints!
This is around the age I really got into adventure games!

Feria d’Arles will be available for free in Q4 2018