Ice in the Air
Go outside they said, the sun is fun (if you get some) they said. But you long for a PC, since all your friends are gone!
Don't Ice Your Cool
Scant resources, piercing cold, a tiny ice raft and no means of locomotion. What will you do to escape this?
Escape the room?
A dark twist on "the escape the room" trope. You search for your hotel room door, but things are going very surrealist, very fast.
Commissar's Contrapasso
A dark comedy set in Soviet Russia. You are a Commissar at the service of the Party, and now you are stuck behind enemy lines...
The Guilt Eternal
Your life as a television fortune-teller is weird but happy, but then a scandal happens, which threatens to reveal your past...
My Dear Globalist Agenda
Comedy adventure about two blokes, both in crippling debt. A visit to their local KKK will give all the answers they are looking for!
Private Detective
A run-of-the-mill PI adventure game with an interesting feature: the cases are procedurally generated! Enjoy your infinite loop of "whodunnit?".
Stories of the unexpected: 'Until further notice'
Get in, find the safe, open it, loot everything, get out. Easier said than done, especially with George and Bert involved!
The Lighting Spell
You are a lowly Apprentice to a bas- I mean very stern (but for sure wise) Wizard. Your goal? Make rain happen. It won't be easy!